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Board of Directors

Elizabeth H. Andrews, PhD
Tina R. Giovanielli, PhD
Molly T. Meyer

CEO and Founder, Rogers Publishing

Editor-in-Chief, The Museum Review

Katherine R. Groninger, PhD

Dr. Kate Groninger specializes in ethical standards and fiscal transparency in British and American museums. She completed her doctorate on museum accountability at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and holds degrees in art history from Princeton University and in arts administration from New York University. Professionally, Kate has spoken at international museum conferences, published in museum journals, and worked in the US museum industry, most recently at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Managing Editor, Rogers Publishing

Editor-in-Chief, The Museum Scholar

Caitlin S. Wunderlich, MSc

Caitlin Wunderlich completed her MSc in Museum Studies at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), and holds a degree in Art History from the University of Michigan. Caitlin's research interests encompass street and graffiti art, and the role and future of museums. She has worked in exhibition and collection management at the Brooklyn Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and at the Cranbrook Art Museum.

Editor, Theory & Practice

Kelsey Picken

Kelsey Picken is currently enrolled in the cultural studies PhD program at Claremont Graduate University, with concentrations in museum studies and philanthropy. Coming from a background in history and psychology, Kelsey's interests intersect at the ways in which people identify with their communities through cultural institutions. Currently employed in Institutional Advancement at Occidental College, Kelsey also consults for museums and arts organizations throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, creating new community partnerships for audience engagement.

Editor, The Museum Scholar: Scotland

Bianca Packham

Bianca Packham specializes in narrative, exhibition and publication design for the cultural sector. Following six years in publishing as a writer, editor and designer, she completed postgraduate degrees in Curatorship at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Museum and Gallery Studies at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Bianca recently worked on temporary exhibitions and publications for the Iziko South African National Gallery and as a researcher, archivist and museum liaison for a leading London gallery.